How to understand Evaluation context in DAX?

Evaluation context is a very important concept one need to understand while writing the DAX
It plays an important role while evaluating the formula. The result of the DAX formula
will be directly dependent on the evaluation context it is evaluated.
This means the result will be
different in different contexts even if the formula used is same.

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Sumx is the x version of the SUM function, this function takes two parameters.

The first parameter is a table name or any function which returns a table. And the second parameter is an expression to evaluate while this can be a column that need to be aggregated.

This function creates a row context in the given table and iterates over each row and evaluates the expression in the table.

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This article shows How to understand CALCULATE function in DAX. Calculate is one of the powerful functions in DAX language. This function will be a substitute for Excel’s SUMIF, COUNTIF, AVERAGEIF or ANYTHINGIF in reality. You can perform any kind of complex aggregate calculations using CALCULATE function.

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