Welcome to PowerBi Fox

This Blog is absolutely dedicated to Microsoft’s super trio Power Pivot, Power Query, PowerBI topics. You can find awesome tricks, complex DAX formulas, videos which will do magic with the data.


About the Fox

This is Ravi Kamana, a Microsoft Office Specialist from India. I’ve been using Microsoft Excel for more than 15 years. Most of my corporate years were spent working on Excel, so naturally I was in love with this fantastic tool. I learned many tricks spending thousands of hours in self-learning when internet was not-so-popular in late 90’s .

I feel very happy when I minimize someone’s struggle when they face some data challenge. Later I embraced this Power suite released by Microsoft in 2010. At first I did not have a clear road-map on how to master these three real workhorses i.e Power Pivot, Power Query, Power BI. After spending thousands of hours I cracked how to learn these tools and tame them easily.

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